How do you prevent hair extensions from falling out?

Hair extensions gives a longer & fuller look to hairstyle. They are bonded temporarily with the real hair. If you are an amateur user, the possibility of hair extension falling out can bring chills inside your stomach. Improper application is the primary reason for the fall out of extensions.

prevent hair extensions

Hence it is important that its installed by a professional.

Let’s list out the other reasons for the fall out of hair extensions.

  1. Oily Hair or Scalp: Oily hair or oily scalp may disturb the bonding of your extensions. It is always recommended to wash to your hair with a clarifying shampoo to keep it clean from any dirt, oil, hair spray or conditioner. This is required to prevent slippage after application.
  1. Wrong Hair extension: You should always know your hair type to choose the  hair extensions. It is the first thing to affect the bonding of the extension with your hair. For instance, if you have thin hair opt for micro rings & oily hair should avoid fusion bonds. Always consult a professional before choosing a right one.
  1. Wrong Brushing: Brush your extensions gently & correctly. Harsh brushing will result in breakage & hair pulling. Always start brushing at the end & move towards up to avoid hair snagging. It is better to buy a loop brush to avoid hair snagging. Always hold your extensions when you start brushing on top to relieve the pressure on your hair.
  1. Missing Aftercare: This has a massive impact on extensions fall out. Choose an appropriate  shampoo & conditioner to wash your extensions & follow the right method. Never apply oil or conditioner near the roots or bonds. This may cause the bond to lose out or slip out.
  1. Brushing wet hair: Hair extensions are porous & soak in lot of moisture. They become heavy when they are wet. This makes the bonds vulnerable. So, taking extra care is a must while brushing the wet extensions.

Hope all these points will help you maintain your hair wigs and extensions.

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