How to use Ponytail natural hair extension?

Ponytail Natural Hair Extension or clip in extensions are exclusively designed to give more volume and length to the original ponytail & they make it look more heathier.

You don’t need to be sad anymore for having those thin & limp ponytails anymore.
Now ponytail is not just to hide the oily, unwashed hair. You can make it interesting with clip in extensions into a bun, braid or high ponytail.

natural hair extension

Clip in ponytail natural hair extensions are ideal for women who want to add volume & length to ponytails without going for permanent hair extensions. If these clip in ponytail extensions are made from human hair, they give the real look like the permanent extensions.

Let’s see how to use ponytails extensions on your hair.

Step 1 : Brush your hair & pull it together to make a high pony over the crown of your head. Tie it with a band to secure it.

Step 2 : Gently brush your ponytail clip in hair extensions using wide tooth comb or paddle brush to remove tangles.

Step 3 : Slide the clip under the secure tie-on top of the ponytail. Now wrap the Velcro base around the ponytail tightly to keep it intact.

Step 4 : Cover the Velcro base from the base your hair by tying it around the base of the ponytail.

Step 5 : Most important step. Don’t forget to shake your head to check if the ponytail is attached firmly to your own.

Tip : If you are trying some curls do it before you attach it to your ponytail.

Create your own styles by opting for a low ponytail or high ponytail, make it into a messy bun or messy braid. You can even reduce the length to your desired one. Maintenance of these hair extensions are not messy as they need to be washed once in 30 wears. Don’t forget to use alcohol and sulphate free hair products to wash your hair extensions. Then you are sorted & you can rock in all styles.


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