Is human hair extensions permanent?

What are Hair extensions: Hair extensions are what they sound like: they’re extensions for your hair. These extensions are entirely made up of actual human hair.

Human hair extensions come in different styles, which you can select based on how you intend to use them. Some hair extensions are permanent, while others are for a short period. In other hair restoration techniques, the specialist is the one who can advise you. 

human hair extensions

Permanent human hair extension: Permanent hair extensions are done through a procedure that can stay in the hair for a long time and are typically installed and removed by a salon professional. Fusion Hair extensions are the best choice for permanent hair extensions.

Fusion hair extensions are the ideal semi-permanent hair solution for anyone who wants to wake up with beautiful hair every day. Fusion hair extensions are done through simple hair installation procedures, and it gives you complete control over how you style your hair. Continue reading to discover the best fusion hair technique for you! 

 Fusion hair extension, we can use in two different ways. 

  • Keratin glue: It can be done through hot fusion process. A stylist will apply the u-tip to a tiny portion of hair by melting the keratin foundation with a fusion hair iron and wrapping it around it. 
  • I-tips: This is the procedure of hot install, but more keratins will be required to stick the i-tips to the hair.

Then there’s a permanent solution that involves adding several little attachments strand by strand. Micro bonds and micro rings, for example.

Fusion hair extensions can employ a variety of adhesives. Fusion hair extensions are often known as pre-bonded hair extensions because of this. These hair extensions are not reversible. Only use this type of hair extension if you want your extensions to stay in place permanently. 

If you’re unsure, it’s best to stick with other options.

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