Must have products for your hair extensions

Who doesn’t want a ‘good hair day’ every day? To ensure that, we women invest our effort in choosing the right extension for us and spend even more time to put on and style them. But very few of us realize that, if you take proper care of your hair extensions, it will look good without any styling-just like our real hair.

Happy and healthy hair extensions need no styling. We all know what we need to take care of our hair; whether we use these regularly or not is a different story. But do we know what we need to take care of our hair extensions?
Using hair care products can help make your hair extensions as shiny and beautiful as ever. But question is which product should be used for hair extensions, things to take care of while using them.
First and foremost, no matter whatever hair extensions you use, a conditioner and shampoo are required. You cannot skip it, nor can you use ordinary shampoo and conditioner on hair extensions.
Second, search for shampoos and conditioners that are free of preservatives and sulphates. For U-bond or tape-in extensions, use a ‘all hair type’ shampoo. It works better with both natural hair and human hair extensions.
Our last and final product we know will repair your hair extensions should come as no surprise to be a thermal spray. It’s an absolute MUST in your haircare routine. We know how much you love styling your hair extensions with heated tools, whether you are straightening it, blow drying or curling. However, frequent usage of heated styling tools can cause damage to your hair extensions unless you are taking the proper precautions.
As we mentioned in the very first sentence of this blog, hair extensions are an investment that require TLC to last you the months and years that are expected when purchasing hair extensions. Hair after all is the crown you never take off! By using the above three products your damaged and dry hair extensions will return to their original state of feeling soft, silky, and healthy.
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