What are permanent hair extensions?

Permanent hair extentions are those which gets attached as deeply as possible to your scalp for an extended period. In most cases it is attached & removed by a professional.

permanent hair extensions

These permanent hair extentions can last between 4-8 weeks. When your natural hair grows (for an example 1 cm per month) these permanent hair extensions move away from scalp. They need to reattached by an expert in permanent hair extentions.

There are many options in permanent hair extentions.

  1. Keratin / Protein Bonded Extensions – Keratin extensions are applied by attaching a single strand to a bunch of natural hair. It is done in small portions & heating tool is used to bond both extension & natural hair together. Though it is a bit time consuming, totally worth it in the end. Keratin extensions can be customised to match even the finest hair. They are light weight & most comfortable hair extensions. These are not reusable but with proper care it can stay for 6 months easily.

  1. Micro Ring / Loop / Bead Extensions – These are small circular links/beads attached to the roots of a strand of extension hair. These are applied by clamping a metal loop to small sections of your hair. They clamp tightly onto your natural hair. This technique does not require heat application. These hair extensions can last 6 to 8 weeks.

  1. Tape in Extensions – Tape-in extensions are about an inch wide & taped to hair root using a medical grade tape. They are extremely easy to apply & remove. Hair extension remover is applied on to the hair & combed through to remove the tape. They don’t damage your hair & look more natural. It is recommended to have the extensions washed by a professionalist.

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