Air Travel with Wigs for Hair

Everyone likes the traveling to be relaxing & comfortable. If you are using wigs for hair and  new to wearing that, you will have an anxiety of traveling with wig for the first time.

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Here are some tips for you to feel confident travelling with wigs for hair.

Wearing a hair wig while boarding?
  • First thing you don’t need to worry about the airport security. You can choose to inform the airport security about the wig. Body metal scanner will catch the metal clips which are used to secure the hair wigs. Security will not ask to you remove the wigs instead they will just do pat down search & let you go.
  • Wearing a right wig at the airport will make your travel easier. Perfect hair wig will keep you cool & comfortable. A synthetic fibre wig is the best option for a comfortable air travel.
How to pack your hair wigs?
  • Pack your wig inside out placing the long locks inside wig top. Put a hair net around your wig keep it intact.
  • Wrap it in a silk scarf & seal it in a wig packaging bag to avoid moisture
and then pack it in your suitcase. Don’t Forget to pack wig accessories
  • Wig stand –Pack a collapsible compact wig stand to keep your wig safe when not in use.
  • Silk Scarf – If you are wearing a wig while traveling, pack a silk scarf in your handbag to cover your wig while you take a nap on board.
  • Hair net – Packing in hairnets will help your wig to retain its shape. Keep in mind to pack extra hairnets are they can break easily.
  • Wig Brush – Wig brush or wide tooth comb is a must as normal comb/brush can rip your wig cap or pull out the hair.
  • Shampoo & conditioner – Shampoos & conditioner made for natural hair will damage your hair wig even if it is a human hair wig. Natural hair products will damage the fibre of your hair wig.
Important tip: If you are earing a hair wig while flying international, wear a colour which matches your passport picture. If you would like to know more about the hair wigs, visit us @

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