How to choose a lace front wigs!

The lace front wigs is quite trending. It is available for women. It provides the natural appearance of the hairline. It gives the feeling of a real hair on which you can do various styles. The main factor in buying a lace front wig is cap construction, anyone can choose according to the size and requirements.

lace front wigs

Types of
Lace front wigs

It can be differentiated according to the size:

  • Frontal lace wigs
  • Lace closure wigs
  • 360 lace wigs
  • Full lace wigs

    How to select: The main factor you need to look into while buying your first lace wig is cap construction. Choose according to your requirements.

    • 13×4 moderate parting – this allows you to create a long deep natural parting
    •  13×6 deep parting lace front cap – this allows you to change your hair parting.

    Advantages of lace front wigs:

    • These wigs allow it to fall right over the forehead because it is thin.
    • It is user-friendly, with the pattern of the lace encouraging airflow.
    • It is versatile. User can change the parting while still retaining a natural hairline.
    • You can brush your wig like natural hair, whether you part your hair in the middle or on sideways.

    Because it gives a more natural look, lace wigs are little more expensive. Try our extensive collection to get a trendy, manageable style you’ll want to wear every day at an affordable price for  women.

    Lace front wigs are reusable when you can take care of them well. The lifespan of a high-quality lace front wig is about one year if well maintained.

    At Hair Care Centre, we have the best quality Lace Wigs in various designs and sizes and colors.

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