Is Washing & Blow Drying good for Human Hair wigs?

Human hair wigs are expensive but are worth every penny spent. They are made with real human hair, and they can be adjusted to any shape with cuts, heat strokes & blemishes.

human hair wig
Washing & Blow drying is important to maintain the human hair wig. Roughly you should wash your human hair wig for every 10 wears. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair wigs need to be washed with extra care. Steps to follow when you are washing hair wigs:
  1. Untangle the hair : Just like your natural hair, hair wigs need to be untangled. Gently comb the ends of the wigs first to make them free of knots. Then start combing from roots until the entire length is untangled.
  2. Cold Water : Hot water can damage your wig. Hence always use cold or room temperature water to wash your human hair wigs.
  3. Scrubbing : Don’t apply the shampoo directly on to the wigs, instead use soapy water. Rinse it till the shampoo is gone. Be gentle & no scrubbing.
  4. Conditioning : Your hair wig needs conditioner to keep it soft, silky & moisturized. Use conditioner made for the particular hair type. Do not apply conditioner to the root or wig cap. Apply only from mid length to end of the hair length.
  5. Brushing : Do not brush or comb when the wig is wet. It can cause hair to break, fizz or stretch. If you are in a hurry, use your fingers to run through the hair wig.
  6. Drying : It is safe to blow dry or use heat on a human hair wig. First dry the wig cap with a hair dryer, then put it on your head & dry the rest. Make sure to keep the setting to low heat to prevent the damage to your human hair wig.
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